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Gothic Marxism

I first heard of this theory via TheLitCritGuy. It also seems to be influenced by or come from Mark Fisher. I’m sure there are others who have pointed towards this framework; I need to do more research.

I need to read more into it, but essentially, my read on Gothic Marxism is showing the horror of Capitalism, showing it as monstrous, and the use of the Gothic in Marxist and Anarchist theory.

From one of TheLitCritGuy’s posts on the subject:

As Mark Fisher pointed, an accurate understanding of capitalism will inevitably lead us to monsters, “the most Gothic description of Capital is also the most accurate. Capital is an abstract parasite, an insatiable vampire, and zombie-maker; but the living labour is converts into dead labour is ours, and the zombies it makes are us.”

TheLitCritGuy says, further,

We are deep within the monster factory. For this, we need a Gothic Marxism – analysis that would expose the occult economies of capitalism that keep hidden the ways in which capitalism operates and normalizes itself as well as understand this cultural proliferation of monsters for what they are – not just a warning of what we think may happen, but a record of what is, in so many ways, already happening.

From an interview on Revolutionary Left Radio:

What it is is a particular way of reading and responding to culture from a Marxist point of view.

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